The Story

Original Maker

I’ve always been a maker. A serious dyed in the wool, hot glue burns on my fingertips, glitter in my eyebrows maker. So when I first thought about dyeing yarn, it was in the context of making stuff to support my knitting habit. I fired up my first dye pot and wow, was it not what I expected. True to form, I did no research. I just blasted ahead (which is why I usually end up with five holes in the wall for every one picture I hang up). It was way too light and way too dark and way too not what I expected. But, also true to form, I kept trying. I threw a few more skeins in the pot. I read a few (okay a lot, I work at a library) of books about dyeing and yarn and how the two work together. I joined Ravelry groups and marveled at everyone else’s perfect skeins. I started stalking hand-dyers on Instagram and Etsy. And then slowly I started getting more predictable results. More repeatable colorways. And it turns out I loved playing with color as much as I loved playing with yarn. And that’s how Backyard Fiberworks began.

You’ll notice there are some other treats for knitters available at Backyard Fiberworks. You know when you go to a yarn festival there are just some tools or accessories or non-yarn thing that is just awesome? Backyard Fiberworks is like finding all those cool things in one awesome booth, things that combine the useful and the beautiful.

That’s really what Backyard Fiberworks is about…what could be more useful than yarn? And honestly, what could be more beautiful?